Migrate to Google Workspace

Tech Profuse assists you in quickly and securely migrating from your legacy messaging platform to Google Apps.


The Tech Profuse Google Apps migrations team consists of certified Google Workspace Deployment professionals who ensure the migration process to be smooth and effortless. We

have developed a precise, dependable process for migrating your email, calendar, contacts and other critical data into Google’s secure cloud environment. Regardless of your current messaging platform, we know how to make it easy while maximizing results if you’re considering migrating to Google Workspace.

From Microsoft 365

Organizations leaving Microsoft 365 for Google Workspace are ready to go behind a firm, old-fashioned legacy platform for an IT solution as effective as innovative. Our migration experts know the various factors that need to be considered while moving off of Exchange and are tuned in to the unique needs of former Exchange users.

From Zimbra

Tech Profuse can assist your organization to have a smooth migration off of the Zimbra platform. Whether you want to migrate open source solutions like Open LDAP and Postfix or commercial products like Zimbra, our experts understand the fundamentals of the process. You can trust Tech Profuse to preserve your mail, calendar and contacts as they migrated to Google Apps.

From other systems

Tech Profuse’s experts can safely migrate your mail and data from almost any legacy platform into the cloud. We have completed thousands of migrations that include more than a million users. So, we understand the fundamentals of messaging and look ahead to working with you on your migration to Gmail.

Another Google Workspace Domain

Many companies, especially those that have recently experienced a merger or acquisition, require consolidating individual Google Apps domains, including mail and other data. Again, Tech Profuse has the expertise to assist you smoothly complete this unique kind of migration.